WEIFU PUMPS are popular in China, due to WEIFU is the appointed manufacturer of many diesel engine companies. It supplies the fuel pumps to Cummins, New Holland, Weichai, Yuchai, Lovol etc.

The fuel pumps are supplied to all variety of loading trucks, passenger cars, construction machines and generator engines. With a development history of half a century, Weifu becomes the biggest manufacturer of fuel injection system for automotive engine in China. Its products supplied not only to domestic engines producers but also to America, South-East Asia and Middle East. The reputation and satisfactory are seeing an annual uprising.

Fuel Pump Models

Weifu Group produces mechanical fuel pumps, some electronic VE pumps, turbos, filters and son on. Generally, the mechanical pumps are PW2000, PL, PM, PS7100, A, I, IW model etc.

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