Fuel Injectors

Fuel injector

Fuel Injectors are the device which spray and atomize fuel into the combustion chamber. So it’s necessary to get the original or at least high quality injector for the engine.

PT Injectors

CHONGQING (CCQFSC / CFSC) is the OEM manufacture of Cummins PT Fuel system parts. As a result, CCEC engines install these PT injectors for their M11, NT855, K19, K38, K50 engine.  Meanwhile Cummins India, Cummins Brazil, Cummins USA use these injectors for V28, L10, M11, NH220, NT855, K19/38/50 engines. While the PT injectors contains PTB injectors, PTC injectors, PTD injectors, PT STC injectors.

Bosch Injector

As one of Cummins’s OEM factory, Bosch mainly supply fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel manifold for Cummins electronic controlled engines. In details, the Cummins electronic controlled engines are ISBE, QSBe, ISCe, QSCe, ISLe, QSLe.

Cummins QSK19 Bosch Injector 4964170

Cummins QSK19 Bosch Injector 4964170

Cummins QSM11 Injector 4903472

Cummins QSM11 Celect Fuel Injector 4903472


Bosch Injector 0445120236

0445120236 Injector for Cummins Komatsu

$200-240 usd/pc $223 usd/pc

Cummins KTTA19 Injector 3076130 for Industrial Engines

Cummins Industrial Engines KTTA19 PT-STC Injector 3076130


Cummins KTTA19 Injector 3095773 for Generator Engine

Cummins KTTA19 Generator Engine Fuel Injector 3095773