Filters are the device made of porous material and used to collect particles from liquid or gas.

Air Filter

In the air intake system, Air filter prevents the turbocharger from taking dirty air. Otherwise when the turbocharger intake dirty air, it  may wear or damage the turbocharger and it may destroy the piston, liner and valves in cylinder head .

Fuel Filter

In the fuel system, the fuel filter prevents the fuel pump from sucking residues or water. It can drain the water in the fuel and keep the fuel clean so that the fuel pump can work longer.

Lube Oil Filter

In the lubricating system,  L.O Filter protects the lubricating oil pump. So that it can supply clean lube oil to every lubricating point.

Hydraulic Filter

In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic filter is very important. Because the hydraulic oil is working under a high pressure, if there is any dirt wear the component in the system, then the hydraulic pressure cannot reach the standard value.

Fleetguard Filter LF9050

Fleetguard Filter LF9050

Fleetguard L.O Filter LF777

Fleetguard Lube Oil Filter LF777

$2.5 - 25 usd/pc

Fleetguard  Lube Filter LF670

Fleetguard  Lube Oil Filter LF670

$2.5 -25usd/pc

Fleetguard L.O Filter LF9009

Fleetguard Lube Oil Filter LF9009


Fleetguard Filter FS1006

Fleetguard Fuel Water Seperator FS1006