Cummins QSK60 Lower Gasket Kit 4089148

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Cummins QSK60 Lower Gasket Kit 4089148 includes Oil Pan Kit 4089306, Pump Kit 4089307, Fuel Kit 4089308, Lower Block Kit 4089874 and Accessory Kit 4089875. QSK60 lower gasket set supersession part number 4089148, 3800492, 4024978 , 4025141 .

CO-MACH supply gasket kit for

Cummins Mechanical Engines Gasket Sets:
  • 4BT3.9 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 4BT3.9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6BT5.9 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6BT6.9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 4BT4.5 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 4BT4.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6CT8.3 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6CT8.3 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6LT8.9 Upper Gasket Kit

    Cummins QSK60 Lower pump gasket set 4089307

    Cummins QSK60 Lower pump gasket set 4089307

  • 6LT8.9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6LT9.3 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6LT9.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • M11 Upper Gasket Kit
  • M11 Lower Gasket Kit
  • NT855 Upper Gasket Kit
  • NT855 Lower Gasket Kit
  • K19 Upper Gasket Kit
  • K19 Lower Gasket Kit
  • K38 Upper Gasket Kit
  • K38 Lower Gasket Kit
  • K50 Upper Gasket Kit
  • K50 Lower Gasket Kit
Cummins Electronical Engines Gasket Sets
Cummins QSK60 Lower block gasket set 4089305

Cummins QSK60 Lower block gasket set 4089305

  • QSB4.5 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSB4.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSB6.7 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSB6.7 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSC8.3 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSC8.3 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSB7 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSB7 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSL8.9 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSL8.9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSL9 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSL9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSL9.3 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSL9.3 Lower Gasket Kit
  • Cummins QSK60 Lower accessory gasket set 4089309 4089875

    Cummins QSK60 Lower accessory gasket set 4089309 4089875

  • ISL9.5 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSL9.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSM11 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSM11 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSZ13 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSZ13 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSNT855 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSNT855 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSX15 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSX15 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK19 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSK19 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK38 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSK38 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK50 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSK50 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK45 Upper Gasket Kit

    Cummins QSK60 Lower Fuel Gasket Kit

    Cummins QSK60 Lower Fuel Gasket Kit

  • QSK45 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK60 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSK60 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QSK23 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QSK23 Lower Gasket Kit
  • QST30 Upper Gasket Kit
  • QST30 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISBe4.5/ISDe4.5 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISBe4.5/ISDe4.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISBe6.7/ISDe6.7 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISBe6.7/ISDe6.7 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISC8.3 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISC8.3 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISLe8.9 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISLe8.9 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISL9.5 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISL9.5 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISZ13 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISZ13 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISM11 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISM11 Lower Gasket Kit
  • ISX15 Upper Gasket Kit
  • ISX15 Lower Gasket Kit
Komatsu Engines Upper & Lower Gasket Sets:
  • 4D102 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 4D102 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6D102 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6D102 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 4D107 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 4D107 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6D107 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6D107 Lower Gasket Kit
  • 6D114 Upper Gasket Kit
  • 6D114 Lower Gasket Kit

Bosch Injectors, Bosch Pumps(Bosch VE Pumps, P3000, P7100, Bosch Common Rail), Cummins PT injector, PT Pump(PTG, PTG-VS, PTG-AFC, PTG-EFC, PTG-VS-AFC), CAT injector, Volvo Injector, Perkins Injector, Delphi Injector, Zexel Pump…

CO-MACH Power is dedicating in remanufacture / rebuild / recondition and supply following products:
    • Cummins engine assy, Long / Short Block:
      • Mechanical engine / long block: 4B3.9, 4BTA3.9, 4BTAA3.9, 4BT4.5, 6BTA5.9, 6BTAA5.9, 6CTA8.3, 6CTAA8.3, 6LTA8.9, 6LTAA8.9, 6LTAA9.3, 6LTAA9.5, 6ZTAA13, NT855, KTA19, KTTA19, KTA38, KTTA38,  KTA50, KTTA50
      • Electronical ISB3.9 8valves, ISB3.9 16valves, ISB4.5/ISDe4.5, ISBe5.9 12valves, ISBe5.9 24valves, ISBe6.7 /ISDe6.7, ISC8.3, ISLe8.9, ISL9.5, ISZ13, ISM11, QSB3.9 8valves, QSB3.9 16valves, QSB4.5, QSB5.9 12valves, QSB5.9 24valves, QSB6.7, QSB7, QSC8.3, QSL8.9/QSL9, QSL9.3, QSL9.5, QSZ13, QSM11
    • Komatsu engine assy, Long / Short Block:
      • 4D102 Series (S4D102, SA4D102, SAA4D102),
      • 6D102 Series (S6D102, SA6D102, SAA6D102),
      • 4D107 Series (SAA4D107),
      • 6D107 Series (SAA6D107),
      • 6D114 Series (S6D114, SA6D114, SAA6D114)
    • Fuel System parts, Turbos …
      • Fuel Injector, Fuel Pump,
      • Turbochargers
There are serval options for you to decide the engine condition that you need:
    • Original new engine from Cummins China,
    • New Built engine which is built with 90% OEM or OEM Equivalent parts
    • Recon(reconditioning) / Reman(remanufacturing) / Rebuilt(rebuilding) engine



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