Cummins QSC8.3 CM850 Engine Introduction is an article introduce the QSC8.3 CM850 Engine brifely. Cummins QSC8.3 CM850 engines are designed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier III levels. QSC8.3 CM850 engines installed with CM850 ECM (Electronic control module). This subject includes details of QSC8.3 CM850 engine powers and CPLs. INSITE™ electronic service tool Version […]

Turbocharger Catalogue Turbocharger Catalogue shows the turbos for all the branded engines or machineries that CO-MACH distributes. CO-MACH supply original turbochargers and aftermarket turbochargers with 6 month warranty.  CO-MACH turbos suit for the following engines or machineries: CUMMINS CO-MACH supply turbochargers for Cummins QSK60, QSK50, QSK45, QSK38, QSK23, QSK19, QSX15, QSN14, QSZ13, QSM11, QSL9.5, QSL9.3, […]

Cummins PT Fuel System The Cummins PT fuel system (fig. 5-28) is exclusive to Cummins diesel engines; PT stands for “Pressure – Time”.  It uses injectors that meter and injects the fuel with this metering based on a pressure-time principle. A gear-driven positive displacement low-pressure fuel pump naturally supplies fuel pressure. The time for metering is […]

Weifu Group Do you know WEIFU Group? Weifu Group is a Listed Company of A and B Share with a good accomplishment in China. Established in 1958 with the first local-made nozzle, formally it was called Wuxi Fuel Injection Co., Ltd. In 1992, Weifu was renamed as Wuxi Weifu Co., Ltd. After its reorganization. Weifu was […]

  Main technical characteristics of mechanical inline pump : It can use for engine bore range from 80mm to 200mm, be suitable for tens of horsepower to 2000 horsepower diesel engine, meet the engine Euro II and Euro III emission requirements, select all kinds of governor(RFD, RSV, RSUV-Z, RQ, RQV, RQV-K, R801, RLD) and correction […]

What is Cummins PT Fuel System When it comes to Cummins generator, it is well known that the gensets have good quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, big output power and reliable performance. The reliable stability, economy, power performance, durability and environmental safety is welcomed by customers. In last article, we talk about CCEC Cummins diesel […]