Marine Engines

CO-MACH Marine Engines

Cummins Automotive Engine Application

        Marine engines from CO-MACH are widely used for fishing boats, tugboats, ferries, bunker barge, fire boats, yachts.

        CO-MACH builds and distributes diesel engines not only for automotive vehicles, industrial equipments, but also for marine vessels and generator sets.

        CO-MACH keeps researching & developing and getting trained from Cummins, so that CO-MACH Engines can meet or exceed the original new engines’ performance.

In order to meet different requirements for your equipments, CO-MACH provide the Complete Engine Assy, Long Block Engine, Short Block Engine, Extended Long Block, Surplus Engine. And according to the engine condition, CO-MACH offer the Original New engine, Overstocked original engine, Rebuilt / Recon / Remanufactured engine.

Cummins Marine Engines Catalog

        Regarding to Cummins marine engines, CO-MACH distributes or builds the followings models: Cummins B3.9/5.9, 6CT8.3, 6L8.9, M11, QSC, QSM, NT855, K19, K38, K50 etc. Pls check the detailed engine models and information as below.

Cummins 4BT3.9 Marine Main Engine Marine Auxiliary Engine Cummins 6L Engine Assy, 6L Long Block, 6L Short Block Cummins NT855 Industrial Engine

B Series

6CT Series

6L8.9 Series

NT855 Series

K19 Series

Cummins QSC8.3 Industrial Engine Komatsu SAA6D114E-3

K38 Series

K50 Series

QSC8.3 Series

QSM11 Series


Cummins Engines and Generators on Board

        Cummins engines are engineered to meet the durability and performance needs of marine applications.  These engines are worked as main propulsion engine, auxiliary generator engine and the emergency generator engine.

Cummins provide different engines with a displacement of 3.9 to 95 liters for commercial, government and recreational applications. It meets the requirements for reliable, durable, efficient and low-cost power products in the marine field.

CO-MACH Power is dedicating in remanufacture / rebuild / recondition and supply following products:
    • Cummins engine assy, Long / Short Block:
      • Mechanical engine / long block: 4B3.9, 4BTA3.9, 4BTAA3.9, 4BT4.5, 6BTA5.9, 6BTAA5.9, 6CTA8.3, 6CTAA8.3, 6LTA8.9, 6LTAA8.9, 6LTAA9.3, 6LTAA9.5, 6ZTAA13, NT855, KTA19, KTTA19, KTA38, KTTA38,  KTA50, KTTA50
      • Electronical ISB3.9 8valves, ISB3.9 16valves, ISB4.5/ISDe4.5, ISBe5.9 12valves, ISBe5.9 24valves, ISBe6.7 /ISDe6.7, ISC8.3, ISLe8.9, ISL9.5, ISZ13, ISM11, QSB3.9 8valves, QSB3.9 16valves, QSB4.5, QSB5.9 12valves, QSB5.9 24valves, QSB6.7, QSB7, QSC8.3, QSL8.9/QSL9, QSL9.3, QSL9.5, QSZ13, QSM11
    • Komatsu engine assy, Long / Short Block:
      • 4D102 Series (4D102E-1, S4D102E-1, SA4D102E-1, SAA4D102E-2),
      • 6D102 Series (6D102-1, S6D102E-1, SA6D102E-1, S6D102E-2, SAA6D102E-2),
      • 4D107 Series (SAA4D107E-1, SAA4D107E-2, SAA4D107E-3),
      • 6D107 Series (SAA6D107-1, SAA6D107-2, SAA6D107-3),
      • 6D114 Series (S6D114E-1, SA6D114E-1, SA6D114E-2, SAA6D114E-2, SAA6D114E-3, SAA6D114E-5, SAA6D114E-6)
    • Power Pack / Unit:
      • Diesel Engine + Radiator + Air Cleaner + Silencer + Control Panel + PTO + Power unit Stand / Frame + Enclosed Cabinet + Shock Absorber …
    • Fuel System parts, Turbos …
      • Fuel Injector, Fuel Pump,
      • Turbochargers
There are serval options for you to decide the engine condition that you need:
    • Original new engine from Cummins China,
    • New Built engine which is built with 90% OEM or OEM Equivalent parts
    • Recon(reconditioning) / Reman(remanufacturing) / Rebuilt(rebuilding) engine